Fair question.

In Grottaglie the number of B&B’s is constantly increasing.

Grottaglie is one of the most important cities in Italy for Ceramics. It is one of the 36 Italian cities on the official list by the AiCC – Italian Cities of Ceramic Association

Grottaglie is also known as City of Grape, because of its tasty wine and amazing wine stores.

In Grottaglie you can visit monuments and destinations like Episcopio Catle, Casa Vestita, Home San Francesco, Matrice Church, Pignatelli Palace, Paolotti Convent and, obviously the Ceramic district.

The Geographic location is a great plus. If you look at the map of Puglia you will see that Grottaglie is right in the middle. You can reach any destination in the region in an hour and half. 🙂

Stop waiting! Enjoy the city of Ceramics now! Look at this video produced by Comune di Grottaglie and you will soon understand why you have to come here.

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Cover photo by Ivan Alò http://aloivan.netsons.org/photo/2016/08/12/grottaglie-quartiere-delle-ceramiche/

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